Tom's Trip to South East Asia

Out of the 'Boat for a few months of tropical travel. No lease, No Dog, No work, No snow, might be the best time of my life to do something extreme. Watch from your office as I soak in sun and culture in Thailand, Laos, Cambodia and Vietnam this mud season.

Monday, October 30, 2006

I took a five hour minibus that my waterfall crew and I chartered from Luang Prabang to Vang Vieng two days ago. The trip was impressive with constant curves and up and down steep mountainous terrain. The road was sealed but not in great shape so it was slow going over the rugged terrain. Vang Vieng is located on the lazy Nam Song river with breathtaking limestone mountains shooting up from the other side of the river. The steep rugged mountains remind me a bit of the tetons and are nearly as high topping out around 9000ft I think. Yesterday we spent the day tubing the river. As you make your way down to town beach side bars pull you in for refreshments and many have trapeze like swings that launch you out over deep parts of the river for jumping. I was nervous to try at first but a beerlao for courage got me started and it was really fun. The only mishap was losing my sunglasses on one jump, oops. No one was injured worse than a bellyflop and the whole day was quiet fun. I made it an early night after sun and beer all day. This morning I wi woke up to catch the Pats stomp the Vikings on Tuesday morning Monday Night Football. Team looks pretty strong but the vikings didn't put up much fight. This afternoon I have been exploring the dry side of town today, looking for some kinda Halloween costume for tonight as the western crowd is planning an impromptu celebration.

Tomorrow I will probably hit the river up one more time, or take bike to some local caves. And then it will be travel time with Siem Reap and Ankor Wat in Cambodia as the destination. It could take a few days on the road or if time tables work out I might do it as continuously as possible and make it in a day and half. Time is running out on me and I have to guess at what will be the best timetable, but I don't think I will go wrong. New Zealand is definitely not gonna fit in as there is still way too much to see here to move on. Sorry Tim, Mom and Dad. I'll hit a computer either on the way or on arrival in siem reap.


At 8:26 AM, Blogger mom said...

A very excellent adventure. We are sorry that NZ doesn't fit in, but I can see that you need to spend the time on your original itinerary, and I am happy that is the case. The next leg sounds a little challenging to do the transfer part, but the Cambodia websites look fantastic. Are any of your travelmates doing blogs?
Happy Halloween. LOVE mom


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