Tom's Trip to South East Asia

Out of the 'Boat for a few months of tropical travel. No lease, No Dog, No work, No snow, might be the best time of my life to do something extreme. Watch from your office as I soak in sun and culture in Thailand, Laos, Cambodia and Vietnam this mud season.

Sunday, October 01, 2006

Leaving on a jet plane,
Dont know when I'll bee back again
Well I geuss I do but its a ways away. I'm at DIA waiting on my first leg of my flight and I'm very nervous. I began my trip yesterday morning leaving steamboat with my friends meghan and joe to head to the great american beer festival in denver for my last night in the states. We met their friend chris at his place oout by the airport and headed back downtown to find tickets. Sold out signs told us we would have to find scalped tickets bringing me back to phish days. Of course, the scalper we found sold us three counterfeit tickets which left us locked out of the beer fest, sober, and 50 bucks lighter. I was impressed with myself for being rippped off even before I left the country. Sweet. So we went back to chris house for cocktails and rummycube. I woke this morning with my stomach flipping with nerves and eventually relieving itseelf of last nights dinner. Never done that before. Been sick and ripped off before leaving the country, this is gonna be an adventure. Not looking forward to flying for the next three days. Oh well at least I have my fancy new Ipod to keep me company. Airport internet is a bit pricy so, bon voyage. Wish me luck, cause Im out.


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