Tom's Trip to South East Asia

Out of the 'Boat for a few months of tropical travel. No lease, No Dog, No work, No snow, might be the best time of my life to do something extreme. Watch from your office as I soak in sun and culture in Thailand, Laos, Cambodia and Vietnam this mud season.

Friday, November 03, 2006

I have made a little progress getting to Siem Reap. My friends who I have been traveling Laos with proposed a kayak trip between Vang Vieng and Vientiane, and I joined on. It was fun in the boats with some class 2-3 rapids and great scenery. However the majority of the day was spent in an uncomfortable tuk-tuk with 90 minute rides before and after the kayaking. Sort of an exhausting day. We found accomodations in center of Vientiane, and had a nice mexican dinner after crappy food in Vang Vieng for the last four nights. Afterwards we went to the grounds around Pha that Luang, a 42 meter golden stupa, where the early november full moon festival of light is centered. There were tens of thousands of Laos families milling about participating in something of a carnival atmosphere. It was interesting but not that entertaining to our tired group so we made it an early night. Today I cross the border to Thailand and make my way from Nom Khai to Poipet and the Cambodian border. The festival peaks on the night of the fifth so I will try to be somewhere with a major celebration that night. Might be anywere along the way or in Siem Reap. I'm parting ways wth my Laos group as they continue through Laos to cross into Cambodia next week. We'll see who I meet up with next.


At 12:40 PM, Blogger mom said...

A little drift in your trip, but sounds like you are back on track. At three days I began to check the blogg like every hour, so thanks for getting a post done. You have been so faithful and we appreciate it.
We are only two weeks away from our departure, and far less organized than we usually are, function of time to plan and just the nature of the trip, partially on Tim's itinerary and mostly just going to see the country without any real must dos.
We should be able to access your blogs in NZ so dont stop posting.
Real prewinter feeling here today, with most leaves down and frost on the greens and fairways until mid morning.
Nov 7 is election day for me and a long one, then I can turn my attention to pretrip arrangements.
Love mom


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