Tom's Trip to South East Asia

Out of the 'Boat for a few months of tropical travel. No lease, No Dog, No work, No snow, might be the best time of my life to do something extreme. Watch from your office as I soak in sun and culture in Thailand, Laos, Cambodia and Vietnam this mud season.

Friday, December 01, 2006

The final day of my trip has arrived. I'm ready to return to ski season but will definately miss the adventure of this trip. Money has run more than thin, haggling prices has become second nature, and sleeping whenever and wherever a neccesity. I'll be back in the boat early in the morning on the 4th after travelling all day from Hanoi through Taipai, Seattle and Denver. See some of you soon.
My last few days I got back to Hanoi to leave on an overnight train to Sapa Near the China border. Sapa is amazing. I wish I had left myself more time to explore the mountains and culture of this place. Dave and I met up with Robbye at the guest house early on thursday morning and made plans to find an adventure that afternoon. Robbye had made friends with a South African named Rory and all four of us went to twon looking for mountian bikes to rent for the afternoon. Mtn Bikes were a bit expensive so we opted for motorcycles for about a fifth the price. I had avoided getting one of my own to this point out of fear of injury. But with only a few days left and less risk of ruining my whole trip I agreed to join in. Robbye gave me a bit of advice on how to operate it and off we went. What a rush. I totally loved it. We took a road out of town to a pass at about 6000 ft and over into the next valley. A really fun and exciting adventure. That evening we called it an early one as Dave and I had not had much sleep coming up that morning on the train and made plans to hike the next morning. Weather was pretty horrible the next day but we still ventured out for a hike through a hill tribe village and past a waterfall. I got sick about an hour into the trip and turned back since I was uncertain where the trail would take us and how much longer we would be out. After resting through the afternoon we got on a mini bus to the train station where I was promptly sick again. Not wanting to have further trouble on the train I didn't eat or drink anything before getting on the train. It made for an exhausting trip but I made it through and this mornings breakfast seems to be settling just fine. I will be touring Hanoi this afternoon and celebrating the end of all 3 of our trips tonight. Robbye is back to Australia tommorrow, Dave goes to Hong Kong for a brief stop before returning to Birmingham, and I'll be back with you.
See you soon.


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